Holy shit! Is that the ocean? What’s on the other side of it, there? []


More Newt art, because… Newt.Photoshop CS. 3 hours or so!


More Newt art, because… Newt.

Photoshop CS. 3 hours or so!

Dennis arrives at Charlie’s apartment where Charlie gloats he and Sun Li are perfect for each other. Dennis confidently pops his shirt off expecting to win Sun Li over with his body.

I follow you home, because I like you.


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TRACK: meeeeeeeow
ARTIST: charlie day
ALBUM: it's always sunny in philadelphia
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here is charlie day’s “meeeeeeeeow” from “kitten mittons” to use as your text alert

Me at family reunions.

Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim (2013)